‘The hidden room’ is a 170 pages graphic novel that describes the effort of a person to free himself from his past, in order to be able to live they way he wants, and not they way they taught him. It is based on the ancient myth of the Minotaur, presenting the protagonist’s inner journey to meet the hidden side of himself, in order to find his own truth.

It has been awarded with a first prize (EBGE Award) in Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards in the Self-published/ experimental illustration category.

The book is divided into three chapters, the entrance to the maze, the path through it and the exit from it.

‘The hidden room 1: the Shadow’ is the first issue and describes the entrance to the maze. It has been self-published and its length is 68 pages.

‘This particular submission strangely surprised us with the diversity of iconographic styles, which triggers the reader’s interest. The illustrations seem irrelevant but at the same time manifest that it is by choice. We were impressed that the designer was not afraid to experiment, did not limit herself to rules of uniformity, consistency and iconographic coherence- elements that usually immure our practice in manners. We judged the submission as bold and special. The illustrator proposes a fresh approach that tests the limits, creates interesting visual games and that definitely falls under the definition of experimentation.

EBGE Greek Communication Design Awards 2022 review