‘The hidden room’, Fumetto comic festival 2023, 8-26 March, Satellite solo exhibition at Goldgruber Goldschmiede shop, Hirschmattstrasse 62, Luzern (CH)

‘At home’, 2023 Fumetto festival comic competition exhibition, HI-Gallery, Neustadtstrasse 3, Luzern (CH)

The Yellow Kid, 2022 _degree project, ASFA, Piraeus 256, (GR)

The Yellow Kid Dance, 2022_Playing with the yellow kid, artists: Anastasia Pampouropoulou, Dorina Panagiotopoulou

Dancing on golden sand, 2022 _27/7 – 2/8/ 2022, Solo exhibition, AIR-ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Niederosterreich, Top 25, 3rd floor, Steiner Landstraße 3 3500, Krems an der Donau, Austria

Comicdom Con Athens, 2022 _Klafthmonos square

Platforms Project 2021– Independent Art Fair_21/10 -24/10/2021 participation with the 3rd Sculpture studio of Athens School of Fine Arts, ASFA, Pireos 256

Platforms Project Net 2021- Independent Art Fair_Online exhibition, 27/5 – 10/6/ 2021, participation with the 3d modelling and printing studio of Athens School of Fine Arts, managed by Artemis Potamianou and Michalis Argyrou, under the auspices of AICA HELLAS

Digital comics museum, 2021– participation in a selection of 75 artworks from En Aithria illustration exhibition from the period of2014-2019, curated by Gavriil Tompalidis, Elias Katirtzigianoglou, Dimitris Sakaridis and Melandros Ganas

LAComics festival 2020_Mylos tou Papa, Larisa, 2020, curated by ETK, comics and arts association, deputy mayor of culture and sciences, municipality of Larisa

En Aithria 10_illustration exhibition , Hellenic American Union, Athens, 2019, curated by Comicdom Press and Hellenic American College, Elias Katirtzigianoglou, Dimitris Sakaridis, Melandros Ganas

Comicdom Con 2019_Hellenic American Union, Athens, 2019

From machines to man: reusing the train factory in Lefka_degree project presentation with Asimina Gourna, National Technical University of Athens, School of Architecture, Exarheia, Athens, 2017

Dystopias of control: the cinematic view of Terry Gilliam_research project presentation with Lolou Evdokia, National Technical University of Athens, School of Architecture, Exarheia, Athens, 2017