The hidden room, 2022

Ebge Award 2022

This project is a 200 pages graphic novel. It is based on the ancient myth of the Minotaur, presenting the protagonist’s inner journey to meet the hidden side of himself, in order to find his own truth.

It is the basis of organisation of my artistic projects and exhibitions.

Dancing on golden sand, 2022

Poster design for my solo exhibition during my participation in AIR-ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Niederosterreich program in Krems, Austria.

Space 0_88_5, 2020

Subject of ‘Space 0_88_5’ project is tracing and depicting an intermediate place between existence and non-existence with the use of natural and digital media. This  imaginary platform records negative events and movements occuring in parallel dimensions by trasforming them into positive notions and humane actions.

Pirates city acoustic live, 2023

Poster design concept.

The yellow kid, 2022

Poster design for the presentation of my degree project in Athens School of Fine Arts

Jellyfish, 2022

Sticker design project

The hidden room at fumetto festival 2023

Poster design for my participation at fumetto festival 2023 in Luzern, Switzerland.

Jellyfish tote bag, 2023

Birds, 2023

Design for pins and magnets.

In between, 2019

Poster design for En Aithria 2019 illustration exhibition.

The accordion, 2022

One of my poems turned into a comic book.

Dancing letters, 2022

Experimental letter design art project.

Thelontas kai mi, 2023

Album artwork for Amoiroi band.

The yellow kid dance, 2022

Gif design

More, 2018

Music cover design for More.

R‘s, 2023

Catalogue design project.

Love, 2022

The secret garden, 2023

Limited, numbered and signed prints in semi-transparent paper.

Poster design for Los Almiros festival, 2020

Leaps of fate, 2020

Album cover for Cosmonuts band.

Reusing the train factory in Lefka, 2017

Architecture design project.

Children drawing, 2021

Illustration project for Children’s Art museum in Plaka.