From machines to man: reusing the train factory in Lefka, 2017

Collaboration with Asimina Gourna

Advisors: Stavros Stavrides, Penny Koutrolikou

National Technical University of Athens

Subject of this thesis is the study and intervention in the former industrial zone of Lefka in Piraeus, whose transfer to Thriassio has the result of creating a brownfield in the city. The proposal aims at the rehabilitation of the industrial landscape and its interaction with the urban fabric, while exploiting its historical and architectural value, as industrial heritage. The urban planning proposal focuses on the integration with the city as well as the creation of a network of land uses which responds to basic needs and lacks of the area. Initially, scenarios of land uses are created around culture, commerce and education with reuse of material as core activity. The second axis focuses on the design of a platform of the open space in the plot of OSE which forms the basic element of connection between the two regions and the individual activity which were created through the scenarios of uses. A key issue is the reinstatement of human scale in these vast spaces, so it can become visible and usable by a wide range of users and daily activities. The design tools are structures, motifs and systems that have emerged from the clarification of machine and network that characterize the area of intervention.